Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Well, my first blog post in 2015, it's a shame it's September already. A lot has happened. A lot has changed, all for the better. I met the love of my life. Wish there was a less cheesy way to say that, but it's true. I can't sometimes fathom how much this person is perfect for me. I'm married now, living a full life. My insecurities have dissipated. Sometimes I think to my self, what kind of sad lost soul I was. It has given me the confidence and belief that even though not all things can be perfect, things will eventually turn out alright, things will eventually fall in to place with time. And that's just a beautiful and simple way of life.

Just typing all that was... amazing. I got closure from not blogging all this time. But anyway to the topic at hand now. To restart the blog came to my mind while watching Fringe season 3. Yeah, it's 2015 and I'm still watching Fringe. It's not the best of shows, but still it's science fiction and still watchable. Anyway I was watching the episode Marionette, the one with the reanimation. What struck me the most is the emotional struggle between Olivia and Peter. Olivia just returns from "Walternate" and gets to know a relationship has being kindled between her Peter and her Walternate counterpart, who was acting as her. Of course Peter doesn't know this. Peter tries to explain this to Olivia that he really thought it was her when he was going out with her counterpart. Olivia brushes it aside as a simple mistake. We think that she'd be fine with it, because she's not all that sentimental, she is work centered and doesn't have time for all that emotional crap.

But turns out she is actually bothered with all that, made evident by the cold way she acts towards Peter from then on. With the proceedings of the show, the perpetrator of the show, who tries to bring back this girl he loved from the dead, says that when he looked in to the eyes of the reanimated girl, she know it wasn't her. This hits Olivia hard, because that person did know that the reanimated girl wasn't the real one, just by looking in to the eyes, because he actually loved her. But why doesn't Peter realize that with the Walternate Olivia. This hits hard on Olivia because she realizes Peter doesn't really care enough to truly identify her from her alternate universe counterpart. As any of us guys would be in this kind of situation Peter is speechless when Olivia confronts her.

What's special for me in this whole ordeal is that, I think Olivia's reactions and confrontations is something quite new I saw in these kind of drama. Instead of hiding her feelings, and acting all tough, she is broken like anyone of us, with trying to define and understand love. Any mediocre show would try to show that the hero of the show Peter couldn't make such mistakes, but like any guy out there, Peter is also maybe only sexually attracted instead of actual affection. That's kind of over analyzing it all, there will be answers on how their relationship would flourish in the coming episodes. What we can take from all this, is hard to decide, but I found it interesting. Anyway I'm not in to the show for that, regardless of how that little encounter made me blog again. Have I become more sentimental or less, the future posts will tell. Till then, adios. 

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